Sunday, January 18, 2009

The New Year

Hey all!

It has been a while since I have posted to my blog. Things have been crazy here in the Holt house. Sunnie has been living with me since last year. Carl's mom has been staying with us since October. Carl's best friend, Lee, has been staying with us for the last month while he waits on word on a job he is trying to get in Kuwait. With a house full of people, we don't get a lot of family time, but we are just dealing as best as we can.

2009 was off to a great start when our Florida Gators won the National Championship! Thanks to Tim Tebow and the rest of the team!

Carl and I are doing well. Carl will hopefully get promoted soon to E-8. I am waiting to hear if I have a job with NCVPS. I have started going to the gym 5 days a week. I am trying to get healthy. I have only lost about 10 pounds but am liking the exercise.

Carsyn and Lachlan are doing well. They have adjusted to life here in NC. They still talk about NY regularly, but both have lots of friends and lots to do. My house is a zoo on a regular basis with lots of kids running in and out. I guess it is fine because I know where my kids are.

Christmas and New Years were good. We spent Christmas here are home and then went to my sister, Tanya's, the day after and stayed through New Years. The whole family was together for the first time in years. We had a blast going roller skating, bowling, and singing karaoke. We loved playing with the new baby Jaxon. He is a true joy!

I have made a few friends since I have been back. It is nice to have someone to rely on. I was scared I would not find the support that I had in NY in Jamie and Tracy, and other friends--but the girls here have been great. We are looking forward to this year. No new year's resolutions--just wanting to have a great year. We are going to Disney World in April for Spring Break. The kids are ecstatic! I am too--truth be told. Can't wait.
Let us know how you are doing. We miss everyone!