Monday, November 10, 2008


Halloween was lots of fun this year. Lachlan dressed up like a Zombie Doctor. Carl created his costume out of some of his old clothes and some spray paint. He also did his make up. He looked amazing! He went trick or treating with his friends and their parents. It was not cool for him to come with his mom and little sister.
Carsyn dressed up like a fairy. I actually put her costume together this year instead of buying one from the store. I also did her make up which she loved. She was really funny running around asking everyone if "she looked pretty?" It was too cute. She was really into Trick or Treating this year. Her cousin, Aspyn and her friends Dylan, Greg and Ellie came with her.
The kids had a blast and Carl got to actually stand in the driveway and hand out candy while he drank his beer!

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