Saturday, September 27, 2008

Busy Buzzing Bees

We seem to be busy buzzing bees lately.

As you know, Lachlan started 2nd grade this year. He is also playing flag football again this year. Lachlan has football practice two nights per week and then football games on Saturday mornings. He is doing much better socially and actually has his first "spend the night" at his friend, Spencer's, house tonight after his game. He is doing EXCEPTIONALLY well in school this year. He is reading on a third grade level and has been placed in an AG class called "Discovery". We are so PROUD!

My little sassy girl, Carsyn, is enjoying life daily. She has a girl friend who is her age for the first time in her life. She wakes up every morning wanting to go play with Ellie. They flit back and forth between our house and Ellie's all day. Ellie lives across the street from us. On Tuesday mornings, Carsyn takes a tap, ballet, and tumble class. On Friday mornings, she takes Tumbling only with Ellie. She cried for the first few classes, but is now eager to go to dance each week. It is just my humble opinion, but I know she is going to be a beautiful prima ballerina--lol!

Carl is doing well! We just found out that he made the E-8 list--which means that he will make E-8 is a few months. We are so excited! He is finishing up his last two classes for his associate's degree. He said this is it for college courses for him. He wants to go to school for a trade. He needs that "hands-on" stuff to stay motivated.

And, now for me....I am doing well. I just picked up some work from the school I taught with last summer. I went to a conference last week for two days, which was fun because I have not been in a professional environment in so long. I am still really struggling with that whole conflict of me needing to go back to work for financial reasons, but knowing that I want to stay at home to be with the kids. It is an internal struggle between my brain and my heart---> every single day. I have made some new friends here and have been keeping busy. I miss my friends in NY and think about y'all daily! I find myself reaching for the phone often to call and tell you something.

Hope this finds you all well!


Dawn and the rest of those crazy Holts!

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West Family said...

Such a cute entry. The picture of Lach was covered up by the one of Carsyn and her friend Ellie. It was fun to see and hear you are all well. Congrats to Mr."Kawwell". Hugs from all of us!