Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Missing NY

June and July were pretty busy for us here in NC. We were moving and getting settled. We went on a day trip to the beach. Lachlan went on vacation to the Smokey Mountains with Tanya and her family. I gave Tanya a baby shower. It was pretty action packed until August.

August has given us some down time which I am enjoying, but am also feeling a little lost. The kids really miss NY. They miss their friends. They miss having things to do. We always had something to do in NY. We could hang with Jamie and her kids or Tracy and the boys. We could always find something to do, even if it was just to take a walk. Lach told me yesterday that he misses NY and wants to move back. I am hoping that once he starts school and football, he will make some friends and it will be a little easier for him to assimilate. Carsyn does not seem as devastated. She has met a little girl across the street and a little boy next door. She starts dance next Tuesday. She is taking her first class. It is a combo class for ballet, tap, and tumbling.
Until then, just keep us in your prayers and pray that I can maintain my sanity until next Monday when school starts.

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West Family said...

Then just come back for crying out loud!!! We are bored now that we are back from Utah. I don't know what we would have done all summer if we hadn't left the state. You should have seen Joshua eyeing your house as we came back into the neighborhood on the way home from the airport. I know he was secretly thinking you just might have moved back while we were gone. Miss you!!!